Friday, September 29, 2017

Look of the Day - 29 September 2017

I'm blogging stuffs! Yay! It's about time, right?

So today I am visiting a gorgeous sim, great for photography. The Gale Storm Retreat. It's got a great mood when you enable region windlight. As my partner Andie would say, it's a great spot for a cry. But today I'm not crying, I'm just glad it's Friday and the end of a long and busy work week.

As usual, I'm wearing my Akeruka Lara bento head and Maitreya Lara mesh body.  That will most likely never change. I'm delighted with these products, and it looks like "me".

From the top, I've got my favorite "cute cap" from Argrace (flat cap). This is the reds set and comes with a color change hud. I love this style, and the thick ponytail is perfect with the hat. The hair color is not quite my favorite, but if this falls within your hair color comfort zone, you need to get this. Check out all the colors! So cute!

The earrings are from a set, purchased from Cae. One of my favorite jewelry makers. It's the Flourish ensemble, and comes with a necklace which I'm not wearing. It's a great necklace, but I chose to wear the top without the pretty danglies around my neck today.  Be sure to follow the link. I guess they moved recently. My old landmarks put me in a forest :D 

The top is a beautifully textured item from Well Made, the Liah top. I love the texture and the breezy open front. This is a staple in my closet for the summer, and since the fall has not brought the cooler weather that I've been expecting, I'll keep it in the rotation for a bit longer :)

These jeans though. These are just... you NEED these jeans.  Oh emm gee. Check out the texture on the front.  It takes a real texture artist to make these look well used and comfy. I just love the sewn on bottoms with a different color.  These are from Addams, the Laura high rise jeans. I got the "washed" jean and it comes with a 10 choice color hud for the lowers. Excellent!

And finally, check out the cute shoes on mah feets. I love these. These are from ANE, named the Berlin platform wedge. I have them in glitter red, but wearing the onyx today. The base is a really nicely textured wood block. Really cute!

Hope you all had a good happy Friday, and enjoy your weekend!


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