Tuesday, October 03, 2017

All (mostly) Business

I went mostly business-y today for this outfit when I saw that one of my favorite designers had a new release at Uber.  When I discovered Tetra, I wanted to be the only one that knew about them!  I love their casual and classy style! And the way they fit the Maitreya mesh body made me so confident that I could purchase whatever I wanted and not have to worry about having to select tiny alphas on my alpha hud. This latest release is the Stretch Blazer. You get five shades of a color for one price! And the color of the under-top is selectable via the hud as well. Not only that, but for 1299L you can get the fatpack, which includes all 150 colors, plus 5 bonus colors and patterns!

No Match has created some great hair, and I especially love their short styles. This style is called No Fire, and I'm wearing one of the reds, naturally.  Here again are my favorite spectacles, the Meshdol-7 Color Nerd Glasses, available on the Marketplace for just 10L.  

This is the jewelry set that I was raving about in my previous blog post, from Cae.  Pictured here is the Flourish Ensemble necklace and earrings. I love the delicate metalwork in most of her creations.

Holding up my heels are the Hedy Heels from KC. I just love finding good quality items for good prices, and the color huds make all the KC shoes such a great value, and make it simple to match whatever is in your closet.

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