Thursday, October 05, 2017


All this month there is a fundraiser for Maxwell Graf. Due to some unfortunate circumstances he and his family are facing eviction. Here's all the details from one of his Plurk posts.  I visited his sim, Rustica, hoping to find some new furniture for our new home, but the Rustica style is not quite what we are looking for. It's medieval and old-money-fancy!  Wonderful creations, but Andie and I are looking for something else. The good news, there's a ForMax event going on and dozens of great creators are participating!
Since my "blazer" post, I decided the next one should be more casual. I love going casual, and with fall rapidly approaching my chances for cool casual styles is going away. I know, it's not really. We don't have weather in Second Life. Stop trying to ruin my illusion!😂

Here's a fun tank from Just Because designer Annie Melson. It's the Mindy Tank Top, exclusive for this event! I love JB for: 1) cute styles, 2) excellent fit, and 3) reasonable cost!  Added bonus, the proceeds from this sale go to help Max 💚

Also, Annie has been doing some new things in collaboration with her daughter lately and they are really cute! Go visit her store and have a look!
 Here's one of my favorite pencil skirts, also from Just Because. It comes with three styles per color. One plain, and two with different lace patterns. So pretty! The folds, wrinkles, and shading look great! As usual, it's a great fit for my Maitreya legs and butt!
 With a pencil skirt, I *must* have some cute and warm boots to cover my legs! These are from KC, the Jora Boots, and have a color hud that makes it work with just about any outfit you can throw together. KC has some wonderful styles, but it's that hud that makes me so happy! They work with everything!
 I couldn't finish this post without mentioning my little Kitty USB choker! My partner Andie sent me a playlist of her favorite music, and I downloaded these and stored them on my kitty USB, next to my heart 💜

There are several varieties available, but I'm wearing the kitty version. Because kitties!  They should still be available from my friend, Illia Sabra and her gacha store.

On top of my head, I have a fun short style from Magika! This one is called Sudden, and naturally I'm wearing reds. I love the textures of her work.
Please do visit these shops I mentioned. I do not get paid to tell you how wonderful they are. I tell you because it's what I believe.


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