Friday, October 20, 2017

Happy Fifty Linden Halloween!

Happy Friday, and an even happier Fifty Linden Friday!  I've found a couple of great Halloween related items to show you! First, check out the cool hat. Right?

It's awesome. The little bat/hat is alive! He flaps his wings like a boss! This little fella comes from Exile, and it's called "Take Flight" and it has a 10 color hud. I'm going blonde today, because that was the default color when I wore it, and it looks super cute. I'll change later. Or not.

Check out the cute flapping bat hat guy!

 The "Biker Leather Jacket (Black)" is from one of my favorite stores, Tetra, and as always comes with some nice features. First off, it's not your typical biker leather jacket. I love how one side lays across the other side. Cute style!  The shirt underneath can be any of 12 colors, or you can remove it completely. You will find the shirt is more like two shirts in one. The outer shirt is colorable in one of 12 colors via hud, and the under shirt that extends below the waistline appears sheer. It's just like Nata to add several extra details that make her work stand out!

The lantern is a Fifty Linden Friday deal from oOo Studio.  The Ghost Light is a pose box that you sit on and then you choose one of 5 poses from a menu. Each choice also rezzes the lantern in the approximate location of your hand. I had to reposition it just a little to make it fit into my little fist. Why a fist? Because when I came to the front of the house to investigate the strange noises, there was nobody there. I was able to make a fist, thanks to the Maitreya Lara bento body hand pose hud. That's a mouthful.

I've blogged these jeans before, but they go so well with this outfit that I didn't think I could improve upon how well they make this look.  These are the "Laura High Rise Jeans" from Addams and have a neat color hud to change the color of the sewn on bottom parts. These go well with a lot of things, and the color choices help you stay all color-coordinated.

The runners on my feet will let me catch up to, or get away from, whatever is the source of that creepy sound. These are available from Vale Koer as a group gift! These are cute runners. VK has two different runners available as gifts, and this one comes with an excellent color hud. You can specify colors for all different parts of the shoe. The detail is great and the color selections allow for a lot of flexibility when matching with outfits.

Found it. Someone knocked over my old flower pot and there it sits.  Fred the spider is none too pleased about this either. He's running out and back, looking for the culprit.  This is another cute Fifty Linden Friday item from Jian, the maker of many cute animated things!

Here's an animation of Fred the spider checking things out.

Happy Friday, and have a wonderful weekend!


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