Monday, October 16, 2017

It all started with the boots

I was just playing in my inventory and found some cute combat boots from "MOoh!". I love the pretty rose texture they had, and thought I should build an outfit around them. I visited the store to grab a landmark and started chatting with the creator, who told me that these particular boots were no longer available - but, there is a hunt item (the Zula boots) with a similar rose & skull pattern. And here they are! I just love seeing a common everyday item transformed by a good texture.

These cute boots are part of the Boo! Bunny Hunt, and can be bought for just one linden. More info at

Next up the leg are the biker leggings from Tetra.  I've had these biker leggings in my inventory for quite some time now. These are so versatile, they can be mixed and matched with so many things. They have nice shading and texture, but one of the things I love most about them is the leggings can be worn with several different boots in my inventory and they don't show through the boot!

To tie the greys and pinks together, I picked up a great casual shirt from Addams.  This is the "Tina Classic Shirt w/Bra". I love the casual style, with just a little sexy thrown in. I am wearing the dark grey version, and a hud lets me control the color of the collar so I can make it work with the pink boots. The hud also lets me play with the little details/colors of the bra, or just turn it off.

And finally, to the top of my head. The hair style comes from Exile, called "Full Circle". I'm wearing the reds pack, of course.

This comes with one hud to select one of 20 hair colors, and another hud to choose one of 10 cap colors.  I love the hair color selection! It's sometimes difficult to get the exact shade of red I'm looking for, but Exile has this covered.

They've included many subtle variations in my reds pack, which I so appreciate.  I love the cute wave that pops out from the front of the cap, then cascades down the front.  This style is available at Collabor88.

Hope you are having a good Monday.. good news, it's the only Monday this week!


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