Friday, October 27, 2017

My Imagination

I love the Second Life tagline: "Your World, Your Imagination".  The imagination of those who create various elements within SL can be astounding at times.  Other times, not so much - but I'm not going to talk about those people, I'm going to talk about these people!

We don't have weather in SL, and yet it's possible to walk into a Second Life environment that is so rich and immersive that it feels physically cold or warm.  The environment, windlight, textures, mesh, animations, and audio all contribute to our experience in sometimes the simplest of ways.
I am not skilled with mesh, but I know good quality when I see it. Or in this case, feel it.  This cozy hoodie from Vinyl, the Meghan Hoodie in red, takes me to memories of early fall fields of wildflowers. I don't have fields of wildflowers in SL, so I am using My Imagination. I created some chunky prims to represent my field of flowers. See how I walk through my field of wildflowers!

The hair I'm wearing is another contributing factor to my feelings and moods today. This sweet little baby-bun is from Entwined, and is called Zoe. I'm wearing the light red pack. The casual little bun and messy little tendrils falling down either side of my face makes me want to be as carefree as this 'do appears.

You've all been there. The moment when you are looking for a way through a problem, but the problem won't budge. Putting this outfit together may appear simple, but there was something blocking me.  Mesh in Second Life, as wonderful as it can be, has a problem. Very often a long mesh top will not quite lay properly over the mesh pants. This is understandable if they come from different creators, but I found several occasions where the top and pants from the same creator did not play well together. This happens far more frequently than it should!
Fortunately for my sanity I found a solution: these jeans from Jellyroll are cute, stylish, creative, and they work perfectly with the top.  These are the Weekender Jeans from Jellyroll. I'm wearing the ones with little hearts, but they have several cute patterns to choose from. The chain belt is also a nice detail on these cute capris.
The way the top and jeans work together is not the only point of pain that we deal with.  Then there's the length of the pants vs. the height of the boot. Once again I found the perfect pairing: these Thermal Heels from Vale Koer are seriously kick-ass, and they just perfectly match the length of the cuff on the capris.  Bob is the owner of Vale Koer and I cannot recommend his store highly enough. I mentioned to him that some of his shoes did not include a shoebase, a simple addition that makes it convenient when trying on multiple shoes. Bob said he would do better about including those in the future. I love it when store owners take the time to listen to their customers.
Have a wonderful weekend, and may all your problems be tiny little wimpy ones!


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