Sunday, November 19, 2017

I Pay For My Own Coffee

Sometimes you just believe in something so hard that you have no choice but to step out in faith and do the thing that you know needs to be done.  It's easy to go along with the program, just like everyone else.  That's the safe option. Sometimes that is the worst option.

I believe I can fly!

I knew I had a lot to learn when I started blogging. I knew that many other bloggers were getting comped items, but I did not realize the link between bloggers and creators had become something of an employee/employer relationship. And taking it a step further, there are some people that have inserted themselves in the relationship and have set themselves up as gatekeepers.
Big Vinyl Nerd

My turn at the mic

I could probably join the crowd, do a quick snapshot, throw some links on a page, do my quota of items, and rake in the "freebies". 
Send in your skeletons
 But there are some problems with that idea. As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, I pay for my own coffee. Why? Because that's what grown-ups do. An item that costs 199 lindens is worth about 81 cents. That isn't even good coffee.
Big heavy stompers
But I love taking photos, and writing, and showing the cool items that the wonderful creators of Second Life have made. If I am held to a quota of "must blog these items within 7 days", I will cease to enjoy blogging.

BAM, son!

That is why I pay for my own coffee.

The amazing creators that made these scenes possible:
Pants: Vinyl - Crowe Leggings Pak BLUE
Top: Vinyl - Gizem Cardigan/Cami Pak Black v2
Shoes:  ROC - Martens Boot! Mid
Straight hair : Tableau Vivant - Wispers in the wind.v5 - Reds
Flying hair: Entwined - Laurel / Light Reds

Jewelry: EarthStones Kalindi Jewelry Set - Love
Poses: Del May

Building: Sky High Budget Buildings - Garage Warehouse
Mannequins: Grimes Central Design - Old Tailors Dummy
Inspiration: Foo Fighters - Pretender

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