Monday, November 27, 2017

The Longest Night

Today I'm exploring the North sim. It's a desolate land with a slightly dark atmosphere, which I have lightened up considerably for these photos. Go have a visit, it's beautiful!

I'm wearing my new favorite pants, the Terry pants from Addams. I managed to get the fatpack with a 42% discount, thanks to their generous Halloween coupons! Actually, that's only partly true. The Addams sim was so packed that scripts failed. I didn't get to use the coupon as it was intended to be used, but when I explained the failed purchase to the Addams brand manager, Miglena Mills, she graciously gave me the discount after I provided proof of purchase.
These pants have folds and wrinkles in just the right places, and are tight across my bum, making it look fabulous. I love the ribbon-y drawstring belt (draw-ribbon?) which is colorable.  The fatpack comes with a color hud which gives you an amazing 44 colors to choose from for the pants as well as the belt! A real bargain!
This comfy (and slightly drafty) top is from Tetra, my go-to brand for awesome clothing. I'm wearing the Quilted Crop Top. I cannot heap enough praise on Nata Porolo for her creations. The seams, texture, and shading on this top is beautiful to look at. I love to see someone put so much care into the details.
So, I was hanging out in SL with my Rock Star Princess(TM), and someone in the Truth group starts raving about something called "Farryn". I eventually made my way over to Uber, standing on the adjacent sim and cam-purchased this beautiful long style. It's a long loose braid/ponytail with one of those fun styling huds. I can let the ponytail hang down my back, or move it to either shoulder. I can also brush my bangs to the side or let them fall naturally to just above the eyes. I love the wispy little tendrils that frame the face. Truth Hawks has been in Second Life pretty much forever and still manages to come up with new and beautiful creations.
I hope you have recovered from your turkey coma, and have a wonderful week!


Poses: CV Poses
Violin prop: Prefabrica
Inspiration: ELO - Showdown

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