Thursday, January 11, 2018

All The New Things!

Welcome to 2018! It's new and improved!

The Rock Star Princess(tm) and I decided to put up a new house yesterday, and we love it! It's more rustic and charming than our old one, and it available on the Marketplace for only $150L. It's the Laurel Cottage from What Next.  It's an older item, so if you can live with the fact that it's not mesh, you might want to give it a try. Everything can be modified, which is super fun for me (or super dangerous), and there is plenty of room for your camera as you move around the place. We both wanted to see some exposed brick inside the house, and I figured the most obvious place to modify would be the place with the fire. The fireplace! I applied these plaster and brick textures from Insight Designs to the fireplace. After a few minutes of tweaking I got all the seams lined up.

I've also got a brand new Evie Sweater Dress to show you, and it's cozy! This is a new release from MOoh! and it's adorable. Not available in the store just yet, but you can grab yours at the 68Main event. The hud gives you 8 colors to choose from.  I just love the textures of this sweater dress. I just want to run my hands along the sleeves!  They also have some matching boots available in the same 8 colors, but I decided to go with these cute stompers I already had from Mosquito's Way, the Nimue boot.  These boots are a perfect fit for my Maitreya Lara body and they are highly customizable with 21 colors and 9 metals. I was able to get a pretty good match with the sweater dress.

I absolutely LOVE this hair from Entwined (Laurel). Long, straight, and elegant. The colors they offer are right in my comfort zone and the textures are perfect. These cute poses come from Carniola Poses.  Michelle Halster, the creator, includes both the poseballs and the actual animations (including mirrored for each).  I have learned that when placing pose balls, it's usually best to be in edit mode so that I can find it easily in case it gets zapped to some remote location.  But when placing poses this way, it's also good to make sure you actually are placing poseball objects, and not the animation itself!  I cannot tell you how many times I dropped pose animations into the contents of my house. One, because I can't remember and two, because if you knew the number I'd be super embarrassed. I am a derpy noob.

Additional items in the photos:
Sways - Firewood storage bench
Sways - Guitar shelf
The Loft - Stefan Clock Bronze
The Loft - Castor Wheel Coffee Table
!gO! Snowman - Gift
MOoH! Love mug bear XOXO
Cheeky Pea - Taylor Sofa
Trompe Loeil - Hammered Silver Star

Friday's coming, hang in there!

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