Sunday, January 07, 2018

Making Lemonade

I used to live in the midwestern U.S., where a normal winter temperature would be in the teens (Fahrenheit), so layering a cami, tee shirt, flannel shirt and overcoat was considered good sense.  One reason I moved to the south is so that I would not have to do that anymore.  Lemonade is a refreshing summertime drink, and also something you make when the weatherman gives you lemons.

It appears that the cold temps have followed me south,  and sometimes Netflix and hot cocoa isn't enough.  There aren't any ski hills in the Atlanta area, but thankfully there is the beautiful Arosa ski area in Second Life! It's a cute little village with shops, homes and a nice ski hill. Go have a visit!

Having skied in beautiful Real Life locations such as Lake Tahoe, I know that at a certain elevation you can actually stay warm with just the sun shining on you, even to the point of shedding some of your winter outfit! It was not totally unusual to see skiers in bikinis, so that is what I did today. I stayed warm and skied in this awesome outfit from MOoh!, the Ruby outfit in white.

MOoh! is owned by Dalriada Delwood, and I love the detail she puts into the textures. No, this is not a superfluous butt shot. I posted this to show the nice stitching and detail she puts into her work!

Starting from my head and working my way down, I have the relatively new Farryn hair from Truth. This style has a handy hud that lets you place your hair on either shoulder, or straight down your back - as well as two styles of bangs. I love this style!

Protecting my eyes and looking stylish in the process, these shades are from KC, the Vogue Female Sunglasses. They come with two versions: one for the eyes, and one to prop up on your head.  Keeping my data safe and close to my heart, I'm wearing the USB kitty choker from katat0nik.  The Skis, boots, and poles are from Perfect Wirefly.  The competent skiing poses are from KaTink, and the "losing it" pose is from Del May.

Have a wonderful week,

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