Thursday, January 25, 2018

My Duality

I'm a little bit urban, and a little bit country.
In my RL, I am in the unique position of living in a very rural area. Yet I work in the 9th largest metropolitan area in the US.  Fortunately I don't have to commute every day (90 minutes each way) as I usually get to work from home. However, I put on my city voice when we have a conference call. So professional.
So when I found these two separates from MOoh!, I thought it was a nice opportunity to show my two sides in one outfit - and they go together wonderfully! The top is the Sandy top urban. The fatpack comes with 10 top colors, 10 strap colors, and 5 metals! That's a lot of combinations! Do the math!
 Check out the details in the stitching on these Callie bib overalls. I love that <3
The fatpack on the overalls comes with 8 jeans colors and 4 metals.  More maths!
Outside of work I get to be more relaxed. I inject a little more southern twang in my speech. It's not even something I try, it just happens.  Here's me deciding that just one epsom salt will do the trick.
Now, this hair style might make you think that it leans country, but the headscarf means business ("wrap it up and get it done"). This is a cute style I fell in love with maybe a year ago, Kiri from Argrace. Each color set comes with a hud for changing the textures on the headscarf. I would have loved to see more variety in the textures, but I love it anyway. Kiri comes with straight bangs or swept to the side. Some really nice options in an older style.
Finally, my country/city stompers are from ANE, the Berlin platform wedges. I just love the carved wood wedges on these! Again, there's the detail stitching in the overalls <3

I started this post on Wednesday, but now it's Thursday. Yay! We're over half way to the weekend!


My location is Mother Road, at the gas station / convenience store.
Poses by Foxcity.
The MOoh! items were comped, as I am blogging for them. I would blog these even if I wasn't official. I love these pieces!

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