Monday, January 15, 2018

Down On The Farm

Today I'm visiting Sol Farm, a wonderfully detailed rural and water sim created by Show Masala.  Come for a visit, but take your time and see the details!  I discovered this beautiful Jaguar (from Haru Motors) on the sim, but a joyride is not on the agenda today.  Someone forgot to leave the keys in the car.

Today I'm wearing the eagerly anticipated Jane Denim Overall (N*20) and the Jane Crop Top (glitter pack) from Addams. If you're in the in-world group, I'm sure you saw all the teasers proceeding the release.  The fit on my Maitreya Lara body is about as perfect as it gets.  The overall straps lay cleanly over the top without any clipping! The glitter pack for the top generously includes a hud with 14 colors. My feet are well protected by these quite utilitarian boots from ROC. The Martens boot provides a nice compliment to my farm-y outfit and comes with a 20 color hud.
This friendly horse has volunteered to take me around the sim. Now, if I could just find a saddle for her, I'd be able to take a ride!  The horse has a nice mane, but I think mine is better. I'm wearing the Ascension style from Stealthic. I just love the texture of this one (and all of their styles).  In addition to the color hud, Ascension comes with a styling hud with 4 options.
The poses I'm using today are from Carniola (first two) and Fox City.

Have a wonderful Monday!


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