Sunday, February 04, 2018


When your good friend sends you a link to new music, listen.

Often times your friends will know you better than most of your family and can point you towards good music.  In my case, my partner Andie and I made and shared playlists.  Youtube, Pandora, and Spotify are great ways to share and discover new music.  People used to create and trade mixtapes, now we trade links.

One of the bands Andie shared ended up touching my heart like no other - in a very self-referential way - regarding hanging out with new friends, music sharing, and pointing the way forward.

More important than showing me new music, it showed me a piece of her heart.

And that's how
we get to where we are now

Jeans: MOoH! Holly pants ripped denim (on sale now for 99L)
Jacket and shirt: Blueberry - Asia - Black
Shoes: Vale Koer - Street Glamour Heels red
Pose: Foxcity
Guitar: AMU - Washburn Acoustic Guitar
Song: Mildenhall - The Shins

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