Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Morning Jog

The weather here is finally returning to normal in the south, so I am pretending that my SL weather mirrors my RL weather and going out for a jog.  Since I have severe allergies, asthma, chronic bronchitis, and you name it, I can't really go jogging. I am actually sitting on the front porch breathing in the fresh morning air.  But in Second Life, I found a really cool spot near a little train depot at Enthrall Island.  When I visited, there was an oddly placed shopping mall just parked on top of this beautiful train depot. I've got no idea what that was about, but yay for derender!
 First off, I found this most epic hair by Mina. It's called Sanne, and is available now at Fameshed. It's a beautiful long braid that I absolutely love! I still consider myself a noob in Second Life, as evidenced by the fact that I am apparently the last person on the grid to know who Mina is.

Pros: great style, great textures on browns and blondes. Cons: red textures are too bright for my taste. Some of the light browns have a nice reddish shade, so if you are a natural redhead don't pass up checking out the browns in the demo. You may find a better fit with some of those shades.

The awesome leggings are from Addams, the Tamara Gym Leggings. They have some really unique and fun styles! The individual styles are $250L each, but if you can afford the fatpack at $1299L, it comes with 20 solid colors and 20 patterns. A huge bargain!
Up top I'm wearing a cute cross on a delicate chain from toksik, as part of the Ludwig Necklace Set (Group Gift). The sports top is from By Beck, and is a real bargain at just $50L ($500L for the fatpack). It's a near perfect fit on my Maitreya body, and no alpha clicking is even necessary!  See that sweet wedding ring on my left hand? That's from Earthstones, the Ever After Bridal Set in platinum, a beautiful and important gift from someone very special.

I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's Day, filled with love!

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The running poses are from CV Design.
The shoes are from Vale Koer, a group gift.

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